Fanny, an award winning food stylist (APA Something Personal 2011, Communication Arts 2012 Photography Annual). She grew up surrounded by a large and boisterous family of chefs, restauranteurs, foodies, and passionate home cooks. Although years spent as an event and conference planner helped her learn to manage projects and personalities large and small, to recognize the importance of team work, and to successfully transform ideas into reality, severing her lifelong relationship with food was not an option! Fanny decided that it was time to embrace food and have a good time doing it.

A graduate of Tante Marie's Cooking School, she knows her way around a kitchen and loves the opportunity to transform concepts into successfully styled pieces of eye candy. Besides a tool kit full of sharp and strange tools, she brings a collaborative, communicative, and playful approach to her jobs. When she's not styling, Fanny loves an adventure in the oakland hills with her dog, getting her hands dirty in the garden, dipping her toes into the cold Pacific, savoring a good sour beer, and spending time with her nugget & husband.

Based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, California
Available for travel worldwide

She'd love to hear from you, especially if you the Nigerian Prince who's previously emailed about sending $100 million in bitcoin.